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Claudio Brembati – Voice
Pietro “Pacio” Baggi – Guitars
Michele Locatelli – Bass Guitar
Daniele “Bubu” Gotti – Drums


Formed back in 2004 by Michele Locatelli and Pietro Baggi (former members of Nashtir) with the intention to create their own personal mixture of metal , melting different elements coming from their musical background .

The project caught the attention of Daniele Gotti and Gabriele , already band mates of Pietro Baggi in a band called Carmen Ferox . The definitive line-up see the light during the summer of 2006 with the addiction of Claudio Brembati as singer, the combo is ready to strike!

We can describe Anticlockwise as a mixture of thrash metal with a little hint of progressive , especially in the tempo-schemes. The 7 strings and the riffs recall sometimes the great Nevermore but the band his personal enough to find his own way! ‘Nonlinear Dynamical Systems’ is the first demo released and later in november 2013 finally the first album ‘Carry the Fire’ (inspired by Cormac McCarty’s novel ‘The Road’ ) came out!


Official website: Facebook Page
Label: Madhouse