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Federico Mondelli – Voice and Guitars
Marco Verdone – Bass Guitar
Paul Canetti – Drums


Be The Wolf was formed in September 2011 in Turin (Italy) from members of various bands including MSWhite (Rise Records). The main goal of the band from the beginning is writing and playing rock music, plain and simple, without any purpose to conform to particular genres, definitions or labels.
In March 2012 the band releases ‘Chameleon’, its first song, introduced with a DIY video with the purpose of showing a genuine and not-so-serious side of the band. In June 2012 an official video for a new song, ‘One Man Wolfpack’, is released.
In 2013 ‘The Comedian’ is featured as the ending track of the series ‘Freaks’, aired both online and on a national Italian television. Meanwhile, the band starts an Italian tour covering the main capital cities of the country.
During the same year, the band keeps writing new songs, four of which are recorded, between December 2013 and January 2014, and included in a promo, still unreleased.
The band is currently (and always will be) working to new material and playing live around their country. Their actual goal is to widen their audience and to reach foreign countries with their music, hopefully touring outside of Italy and eventually moving into a more promising and musician-friendly country.


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