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Richard Hupka – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Max Pinkle – Guitars
Federico Fontanari – Bass Guitar
Lukas Hupka – Drums


BULLET-PROOF is a slovak/italian thrash metal band, formed in Bolzano,Italy where the members actually live. Bullet-Proof was formed in 2014 when vocalist/guitarist Richard Hupka ,drummer-son Lukas and bassist Diego Polli (recently left the band) decided to do their own music after years playing in diffrent bands. The band went through various line-up changes since the begining and currently they’re are with Max Pinkle on second guitar and Federico Fontanari on bass. The main influences for composing are bands like Megadeth,Testament or Kreator. On january 2015 the band recorded their debut album De-Generation which was released under greek label Sleaszy Rider Records on July the same year and has pretty positive reviews and feedback from the fans on their way of quite intensive live activity, considering the band is substantially young! A part from different shows they played in their home town Bolzano, the combo had an honour to perform on Rock im Ring festival (Ritten/Italy) together with big names like Graveworm and In Flames, Bullet-Proof recently did their first european tour across the Croatia, Serbia and Hungary with norwegian power metal band Guardians of Time , opened for legendary Raven, and now before the end of the year they’ll fly to Greece and will open and do a three-days mini tour for a history of NWOBHM, the Holocaust. Then back in Italy to close the year in a show with Methedras and Nightrage.


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