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Isabella “Izzy” Tuni – Voice
Claudia “Kla” Gamba – Guitars
Erika Pagin – Bass Guitar
Diana Aprile – Drums


Cellulite Star are a trademark in the Italian female rock’n’roll. Four girls with great taste and strong ears to re-create magnetic melodies hardpunkroll introduced to the audience their debut album, ‘Explicit Attitude’ in 2008: a CD full of whpping and overwhelming riffs, captivating tunes, party-like and permeated of a rebel and r’n’r attitude!

After some line-up changes, in 2011 the band finally got ready to start with live shows and a second full-length on the road.

Those girls perfectly knows what they want: their only goal is to play and have fun..with a unique style!


Official website:
Label: Valery Records