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Destination 5-11

Lorenzo Nocerino – Voice
Marco Fulrani – Guitars
David Trevisan – Guitars
Gianluca Somma – Bass Guitar
Fabio Tomba – Drums


Born back in 2012 when Marco Furlani met Lorenzo Nocerino to fullfill their dream to form a metal band.
With the addiction of David Trevisan to the ranks, the very first idea of line-up was completed and ready to compose the material. ‘New Battlefield’ was the first single produced, melodic and heavy!

Later on bassist Gianluca Somma and drummer Marco Driutti decided to join the band and their musical approach gave another dimension to the band’s sound: Destination 5-11 were officially born! Fabio Tomba lately joined the band as a drummer to substitute Marco Driutti.

2015 is the year of the public release of their first fully-self-produced Extended Play CD, Chains Of Mind, after the singing with the Italian agency Truck Me Hard the band is ready to set a brand new destination: The world!


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