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Hells Guardian

Cesare Damiolini – Growl/Clean Vocals, Guitars
Freddie Formis – Guitars
Dylan Formis – Drums


Hell’s Guardian was born in 2009 from an idea of Formis brothers, Dylan (drums) and Freddie (guitar). After a few weeks Cesare (rhythm guitar and growl vocal) joined the band. As ultimate member of the band, Pietro became the new bassist and clean vocal. In 2010 we released our first demo, while in 2014 our first album ‘Follow Your Fate’ came out. Unfortunately at the end of 2014 Pietro decided to leave the band, so in the last months some friends turned to play the bass with us. In July 2015 we released a new EP called ‘Ex Adversis Resurgo’. During the last months Claudio became the new Hell’s Guardian’s bass player.

Official website: Facebook Page
Official youtube channel: Hellsguardianband