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Michele Guaitoli – Voice
Alex Mele – Guitars
Tommy Nemesio – Guitars
Paolo Lezziroli – Bass Guitar
Paolo Campitelli – Keyboards
Manuele De Ascenzo – Drums


Kaledon was formed in late 1998 by guitarist Alex Mele, after he ceased activity with his former band River Of Change, together with bass player Paolo Lezziroli and rhythm guitarist Tommy Nemesio. Shortly afterwards, drummer Daniele Staccini and vocalist Alexander Penta joined the band, which started to play in a classic heavy/power metal style. After a few weeks, Alexander Penta left Kaledon for conflicting schedules, being replaced by female singer Roberta Della Casa for a number of concerts in their native Rome, before settling on a full-time replacement, Anthony Drago.

In the summer of 1999, drummer Daniele Staccini was asked to leave the band, and Dario Sacco filled his place behind the kit. In the following months, Kaledon played extensively in their hometown, getting some notoriety in the Roman underground metal scene.

The guitarist Alex Mele writes a concept-story: Legend Of The Forgotten Riegn.

In the autumn of 1999, Kaledon produced, without a keyboard player, their first Demo Spirit Of The Dragon I. Subsequently, Fabio Bernardi, the keyboard player of the River Of Change, joined the group as guest for six months and with his keyboards it will make the all most competitive. In this period, the keyboard player participates in the realization of two new Demo Spirit Of The Dragon II (the same preceding version, but with the keyboards) and God Says Yes I.

On 16 June 2000, Kaledon played with Ronnie James Dio at Foro Italico in Rome. Subsequently, the band replaceddrummer Dario Sacco with David Folchitto(Stormlord) and Anthony Drago with Claudio Conti.

Kaledon recorded, with the new members, the new Demo God Says Yes II. The band used the same traces of the preceding Demo God Says Yes I, but with the new vocal parts of Claudio Conti. Finished the collaboration with Fabio Bernardi, the band finds their new keyboard player: Daniele Fuligni (ex member of Ghost Rider).

Alex Mele began to write his book for Legend Of The Forgotten Reign, and mmediately after the publication of their first chapter, they began to work for the second album. In April 2003 they entered the studio to record the new album and, on July of the same year, they published it: Legend Of The Forgotten Reign – Chapter II: The King’s Rescue. In the meantime they worked for a tribute to Stratovarious too, with the song Father Time.

In the beginning of 2004 the band worked for the third chapter, but unfortunately David Folchitto decided to leave the band to devote more time to other projects and Alex Mele finds his substitute in: Jorg Michael, member of Stratovarius.

With this formation, in July 2004, Kaledon recorded in Como (Italy), at Mirage Studio for the recordings of the parts of battery and at The Outer Sound Studios in Rome, with Giuseppe Orlando, the new album Legend Of The Forgotten Reign – Chapter III: The Way Of The Light, a true power metal masterpiece. During the realization of the third chapter, David Folchitto decided to reenter in team.

Kaledon shortly became an important reality in the power metal scene and started very soon to work on the following chapter, but its publication was delayed due to their separation from SteelBorn Records.

Kaledon signed a deal with the German label Hellion Records that worked for the band in Europe, and with Universal Metal Production for the USA releases.

In December 2006, in Europe, the fourth album of Kaledon is published: Legend Of The Forgotten Reign – Chapter IV: Twilight Of The Gods.

On July 13th 2007, Kaledon participated at the tenth edition of the Headbangers Open Air, while August 11th of the same year they played during the thirteenth edition of the Agglutination Festival with Gamma Ray.

In October 2007, Claudio Conti left the band and Kaledon announced the beginning of the auditions for the new singer, but only after one month they announced the new singer Marco Palazzi.

In 2013 they released their seventh studio album, Altor: The King’s Blacksmith, with Scarlet Records.

In 2014 they released their eight studio album, Antillius: The King of the Light, and in 2015 they announced Michele Guaitoli (Overtures) as new singer of the band.

The band actually toured Europe three times supporting Lordi and Rhapsody of Fire.


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Label: Scarlet Records