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Irma De Carli – Voice
Francesco Salvadeo – Guitars
Daniele Focante – Bass Guitar
Lorenzo Marcenaro– Keyobards
Paolo Sannazzaro – Drums


What might happen if five brutally different characters and musical backgrounds meet up to start a musical project? Maybe a complete mess…or maybe something very interesting: LoreWeaveR is the result of this strange crossroad.
After many different musical experiences, LoreWeaveR started as a band in 2008 when Barbara Rubin joined on vocals to write and recordthe first work, ‘Imperviae Auditiones’ out in 2001 on SG Records. ‘Imperviae Auditiones’ is a collection of 8 progressive metal influenced tracks that have been described as “an album that contains sounds that I have never heard before”. This work had and still have got a lot of airplay in UK and USA in the indie radio/web radio circuit and this gave the band the opportunity to be invited to play at the Fused Festival 2011 in Lidney UK and furthermore at the Cambridge Rock Festival 2013. The band also gigs in Switzerland, Germany and their homeland Italy.

The brand new album, entitled ‘Italic’, is more focused on the “progressive” and imaginative approach to music. Written in 2012 and recorded between 2012 and 2013, the new album’s been previewed at the Cambridge Rock Festival in august 2013.
The band believes music is the most powerful way to create images and tell stories and ‘Italic’ is a bit of every memeber’s own stories put down in music.
In February 2014 Paolo Sannazzaro joins the band replacing Claudio Cavalli as drummer.


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