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Titian – Voice
Pacio – Guitars
Mr. TNT – Bass Guitar
Mark – Drums


Lucky Bastardz are an Italian hard rock band born in Alexandria in 2008.
The band adopts the slogan “Double-Kick Engine Rock’n’Roll” to describe the original musical style, and is in fact known for his boundless energy and attitude, triggered both in the recording studio but especially on stage.

In 2009 they release their debut album “Hated for who we are”, produced by swedish label Swedmetal. The band crushes the boxes around Italy and Europe, participating in many festivals as backing band for Hardcore Superstar, Pino Scotto, Crucified Barbara and Innocent Rosie. Lucky Bastardz publish their second album, “Bite Me, Dude”, at the end of 2010, with Red Pony Records and distributed by Audioglobe. In subsequents years, the band will have the opportunity to perform alongside superstars such as Anthrax, Obituary, Deicide, Belphegor and important Italian bands such Strana Officina, Skanners, Extrema, Elvenking and Secret Sphere.

Finally in 2014, after a line-up change and a Baltic tour (Latvia, Lithuania, Esthonia), after 230 Italian gigs and more, the band goes through the production of their third full length album “Alwayz on the run”, which is slated for release in the fall.


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Label: Sleaszy Rider Records