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Stevie Lee – Voice, Keytar
Mr. LadiesMan – Guitars
Angeless – Guitars
Denny Riot – Drums, Backing Vocals
Tommy Beefy  – Bass Guitar


Winter 2013, Angel (guitar) and Denny (drum),  after the split of their previous band, decide to keep on their experience with new musicians, following the hard/glam rock wave of the ’80.

The first newcomer is Stevie Lee, drummer of a “not-well-know-amount-of-bands”, that joins Mr.Riot with his Keytar with alien sounds. Since the first rehearsals it is clear that the new project will get an interesting sound. Stevie Lee starts to improvise the lyrics of the songs too and both Angel and Denny find in him a good singer. But after the official request to become a frontman, besides a keyboard player, Stevie answered that he preferred to have someone with more technique! The three members started a hard research for a singer, that was finally found…in Stevie! The band was half-complete! After a few months Denny asked Mario (guitar player of his previous band and old-time friend) to fill the missing frequencies of the songs with his bass guitar for a single show, but the feeling immediately found in each other was that strong that after the live show, Mario become the official bass player…but Mario was a guitar player and decided to play in Mr.Riot as second guitarist, the band had to find a bass player! 2 girls and one guy joined the band as bass players: Annalisa, Kyrda and PaulGun, but the agreements between the band and those three guys wasn’t good, so Mr.Riot find the missing man in Mr.Tommy Beefy, a trash metal bassist. Finally the band was complete and could start recording the first album…

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