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Michele Guaitoli – Voice
Marco Falanga – Guitars
Luka Klanjscek – Bass Guitar
Andrea Cum – Drums


After the great success of Rebirth and Entering the Maze, the albums that brought Overtures three times on tour throughout Europe supporting AlmahSecret Sphere and Threshold, Italian prog/power metallers Overtures are back with their new chapter: Artifacts.

Born in Gorizia in June 2003, the band led by vocalist Michele Guaitoli and guitarist Marco Falanga keeps bringing on his unique progressive-power style with the huge support of its label Sleaszy Rider Records and its management Truck Me Hard.

Rebirth (2010, Sleaszy Rider Records) has been considered an impressive springboard for the success of the Italian quartet, Entering the Maze (2013, Sleaszy Rider Records) has been acclaimed by the press and defined Overtures as a band that must be strongly considered in the worldwide progressive-power panorama.

With Artifacts the step forward is ready to be made, with the reach of a perfect mix of accurate techniques, bombastic melodies, sing-along refrains and of a personal and unmachable style



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Label: Sleaszy Rider Records