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Ruben Crosara – Voice
Marco Malacarne – Guitars
Rico Klimtova – Guitars
Giorgio Matteolli – Bass Guitar & Backing Voice
Alexandros Muscio – Keyboards
Davide Valerio – Drums


Soul Mask was formed in 1999, initially playing classic power-metal music. The old band released two demos and a full lenght, ‘Ruins’.

After the former band split in 2006, five years of silence passed before a new journey could start for Soul Mask.
In 2011 Marco Malacarne, former guitar player, decided to bring the band together again. Davide, Giorgio, Ruben and Stefano joined him and in four months they could hit the stage: Soul Mask was reborn.

During 2012 they released their first EP ‘Shadows’ combining old and new influences. In the meantime they kept rehearsing and showing their live skills with concerts and contests in Italy, but also in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

In 2013 the band made some changes in the line up, adding new ideas, influences and strenght to the bond of the members with the project.
In spring 2014 the latest EP called ‘Streben’ sees the light: the Mask is being released.


Official facebook: Soul Mask on FB