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Starsick System

Marco Sandron – Voice & guitars
David ‘Dave D’ Donati – Lead & acoustic guitars
Ivan Moni Bidin – Drums & programming
Valeria ‘Pizzy’ Battain – Bass guitar


Starsick System is a new sensation in modern hard rock, mixing influences from bands like Alter Bridge, Papa Roach, Sixx AM, Shinedown with the deep research for a personal sound where catchy choruses and melodies are melted with heavy riffing. Daydreamin’ is the surprisingly mature debut album of the Italian band that shows how the American sounds of certain US Hard Rock can be easily mixed with the European way in a bombastic final result that lives through the 12 tracks of the album. The whole concept, both musically and lyrically, deals around the idea of believing in yourself and your dreams aiming your goals until the end. Be proud to be unique and stay strong!

The band is born in 2012 from the union of experienced musicians: vocalist and guitarist Marco Sandron (Pathosray, Eden’s Curse, Fairyland, etc), bassist Valeria Battain and lead guitarist David Donati(both known in Syrayde) are joined by producer-songwriter and drummer in this record Ivan Moni Bidin (Pathosray, Ashent, Garden Wall, Syrayde, etc) to give birth to new sounds and melodic approaches.