Melodic Metal

With three modern-melodic clean vocals, Temperance features his twist of vocal harmonies both in the studio albums and in its live shows. Thanks to the mixture of the crystalline voice of Alessia Scolletti, the strong timbre of Michele Guaitoli and the rough vocals of mastermind and guitarist Marco Pastorino, Temperance’s vocal line-up has a unique shape supported by the technical bass playing of Luca Negro and the modern drumming of Alfonso Mocerino

With three releases – 2014 self-titled, 2015 “Limitless” and 2016 “The Earth Embraces us All” – the band has set its sight on a global fanbase, heavily touring yet: in three years Temperance played about 150 shows all over the world. “Of Jupiter and Moons” is the latest and further step forward for the Italian quintet.