Venus 5

Venus 5 is comprised of five talented singers who all hail from different European countries. In alphabetical order, they are: Herma (also of Sick N’ Beautiful, signed to Frontiers), Karmen Klinc, Jelena Milovanovic, Tezzi Persson (also of Infinite & Divine, signed to Frontiers) and Erina Seitllari.

Each is an outstanding vocalist in her own right, but the five of them combined produces stunning results.

Developed by Frontiers label boss Serafino Perugino from the idea of creating a ‘metal’ version of pop projects, time was taken to put the right personnel in place to create the right chemistry and credibility.

The quintet of singers chosen and the musicians involved might be from different musical environments, not to mention territories, but together they have a created a monster of an album.

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